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We are happy to announce our 8th Annual Summer Program for children from the ages of  3 to 18.  Children of any nationality are welcome to participate. The program is open to members of the wider community as well as to our current students.  The classes will be held from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, with an extended care option until 4:30 p.m., and a commutation by school bus option for routable locations.

As always, it will be a fun educational program featuring performances and presentations for parents on the final day of each scheduled session. The theme EXPRESSION, be it expression in words (speaking, writing, poetry, drama), visual arts, music or movement, provides a broad context for learning.  Languages are used in the process of the construction, collaboration and presentation of various projects and activities.

NEW THIS YEAR:   STEAM INVESTIGATIONS (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) for secondary school students, ages 13~17. The first two week investigation will be “Bridging the Gap” a project to investigate the reasons for the different shapes and structures of bridges, culminating in a challenge to use scientific principles to design, build, test and modify a bridge in a quest to support as much weight as possible.  The second two week investigation will be “Catapulting Eggs to Safety”. In this project we will look at the physics of ballistics and designing catapults, aiming to take a fixed set of resources and build a machine to throw a raw egg as far as possible. The only catch being that the egg needs to land without breaking. The activities will be facilitated mostly in English, but there is no language proficiency requirement.

New International School teachers will be joined by teachers from Scotland, some of whom specialize in drama, music and/or the visual arts. The classes will all be multiage by design with a maximum of 12 students per teacher.

Parents will be expected to provi
de a snack, lunch and drinks for school.

The tuition fees are indicated on the below chart. For students joining us for the first time, an additional 25,000 yen registration fee is required. For continuing or past students at NewIS or in our Saturday or previous summer programs, only the payment of tuition is required.  Parents are invited to register their children on-line through the link on this page of the website. For further information, please call 03-3980-1057.
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