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Tomomi Fujiwara's Book
Book written by Akutagawa Prize winner Tomomi Fujiwara with a section on New International School
2006317日発売『「知を育てる」ということ』(プレジデント社) 定価1200(1143+消費税)
Web Site with an introduction to New International School in Japanese
Multiage Education

An excellent Multiage Education website and Multiage Education Resources available on the web.

Critical Issue: Multiage Groupings
Another multi-age resource site.

Multiage EducationThesis

A well-referenced thesis on multiage education.

Multiage Benefits 

An article inspired by a multiage program in England.

More Multiage References

Many references and resources on multiage education compiled on archived rural education site, including downloadable pdf articles. Useful for both teachers and laymen.

Dual Language
Other Educational Links

Education in Japan
A resource site for parents who are educating their children in Japan. Homeschoolers, afterschoolers, unschoolers, traditional schoolers.
Katoh Gakuen
Link to Katoh Gakuen, in Shizuoka Prefecture which has an English Immersion Program. 

Contructivism in Education

This site gives links to extensive reading and information on constructivism which is the heart of multiage education.