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3-18-32 Minami-Ikebukuro Toshima-ku Tokyo 171-0022, Japan Tel: 03-3980-1057   Fax: 03-3980-1154
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The following are required for admission:
Parental attendance at a group or individual orientation and tour of the school offered in either English or Japanese.  Including the tour, they normally take 2 to 3 hours.  The dates for group orientations and tours are announced on this website.  Individual orientations and tours may be arranged by appointment.

For either option, please call 03-3980-1057, indicate whether you would prefer an orientation in English or in Japanese,  and be ready to provide your name, the exact birthdate of your child(ren), and a contact telephone number.
A completed application form and health history form. The links on the upper right will open the Application, Health History, and Bus Application Forms, which may then be printed out directly from a computer.

Download the pdf forms on your computer, use your preferred offline pdf reader (adobe pdf reader, or foxit pdf reader), complete them digitally, save the filled up versions and then attach them to an e-mail to

Alternatively, you may print them out and complete them by hand.  Then scan or photograph them and attach them to an e-mail, fax them to 03-3980-1154 (+81-3-3980-1154) or post them to the school address on top of the application form.
Official transcripts from previous school (s) for the two years prior to entry, and from Grade 8 and above for applicants to grades 11 or 12.
An interview with the parent(s) and child(ren)
Children will be accepted subject to availability of space, provided that the records are complete, we are confident that the child will be able to substantially benefit from our program, and that the parents will support the mission of the school and abide by the school policies.

Upon receipt of an acceptance letter and financial statement, payment of the entrance fee within about ten days is required to hold a place, with the remainder of the fees paid according to the schedule and payment options provided.